The Westcoast Child Development Group provides a number of assessment services that use standardized testing materials, multiple sources, and sound clinical judgement.

Professional assessments can include but are not limited to:

Psychoeducational Assessment

These assessments are designed to help identify strengths and challenges associated with learning. Testing covers a number of domains that include: academics, attention, executive functioning, and intelligence. We also include additional screening tools that look at day-to-day functioning and mental health domains. Our assessment process includes direct observation, background history and parental reports, in addition to including up-to-date information from school personnel.

Autism spectrum assessments

Autism spectrum assessments are a specialized form of assessment that requires a high degree of training, supervision, and experience. The Westcoast Child Development have been performing autism assessments since 2004 and have been involved with a number of government-funded assessment contracts.

Speech and Language and Occupational Assessments and Therapies can also be arranged with the Westcoast team.

For more information please see our Assessment page.


Knowing when to seek professional help can be a challenge for some families. It can also be unclear what to expect from counselling and therapy. Some parents will start a trial of therapy to be proactive or to check-in to make sure their child is OK. Others will seek counselling because of a specific concern that requires immediate support. Regardless, each client is treated in a confidential and respectful manner and encouraged to participate fully in the experience. Westcoast Child Development Group professionals adopt a Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy model that centres on short-term, goal-driven therapies. In addition, family consultation using a systems approach is often included as part of working with children and youth.

Clients with a number of challenges have been supported by the clinicians at Westcoast Child Development Group. Our clinicians have developed an expertise in supporting children and youth with autism and their families. We also work with those reporting low mood, depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger management issues, and general teen angst.

For more information please see our Treatment page.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive functions are the self-regulating skills that we all use to accomplish tasks (e.g., getting ready in the morning, doing homework, cleaning/organizing our bedroom). Executive function skills help us plan and organize activities, sustain attention, and persist to complete tasks. In addition, executive function skills allow us to make decisions, shift between situations and thoughts, regulate our emotions and impulsivity, and monitor our thoughts, in order to work efficiently and effectively.

Some students have weaknesses in executive functions and, regardless of how bright they are, struggle to do schoolwork and stay on top of tasks as a result. Schoolwork can become a nightmare because they regularly lose homework assignments or start weeklong assignments the night before they are due.

Some of the common signs of executive function difficulties are:  

Organizational difficulties:

  • Frequently losing or forgetting important items
  • Unable to maintain a clean room, desk, or locker

Time-management difficulties:

  • Struggling with meeting deadlines for schoolwork
  • Struggling to be on time due to disorganization or poor planning
  • Difficulty moving from one task to the next in a timely manner
  • Struggling with getting ready in the morning or getting ready for bed

Poor academic achievement:

  • Difficulty memorizing facts, digesting important information, organizing thoughts in writing
  • Difficulty solving multi-step problems
  • Difficulty completing and handing in homework
  • Struggles with persistence and sustained attention

For more information please see our Executive Function Training page.

Training & Workshops

With a significant degree of clinical experience, the professionals at Westcoast Child Development Group are well-positioned to provide highly informative workshops for a wide array of topics.

Dr. Worling has provided training for educators, front-line mental health workers. Psychologists, parents, and school-age children and youth. He is also currently teaching a course he created on autism for the Psychology department at the University of British Columbia as a sessional instructor.

For more information please see our Training & Workshop page.